I Missed The Excitement!

October 20, 2019 ~ I missed the excitement of the new Downton Abbey film. Normally, we would have had at least one Downton Abbey Tea at the tea room.   We’d be dressing up, enjoying DA inspired food, and playing games.  Listening to the beautiful harp strings of Rebecca Moritzky.  We planned to have a special event to coincide with the film release, but I missed it this year due to health circumstances.  

The Downton Abbey menu was always fun to create.  Molly, my sister/partner, would take care of the entertainment with trivia and fun tablescapes, and then she’d create a menu with cute and witty names of each item.  Once we got the menu figured out, I’d do a trial run beforehand just to make sure it all worked together.  

I never knew which costume to wear.    Should I wear an “upstairs” or “downstairs” costume?  I mean let’s face it. During that time period I probably would have been “downstairs”. The color of my skin and upbringing would have made it so.  I definitely did not come from money! For most people I think they’d rather be the upper crust and live in a castle upstairs than to live downstairs and serve.  Who could blame you?   So, I’ve had costumes as a server and then also for partying upstairs.  

I truly love to serve and I say there's no shame in that.  A lot of restauranteurs, B&B owners, and hospitality people feel the same way.  They want to share their love of food or their way of service and pamper guests.  And I’ve always told my staff, if you don’t like people or helping people, this is the wrong industry for you, even if it's "just" a job for now.  

Our mother worked multiple jobs as a waitress in breakfast restaurants. Nothing fancy. In those days she would come home and roll her tips in quarter wraps and deposit them in the bank every day. It was very hard work, but she loved her customers and they loved her.  She believed that whether you’re a server, janitor, groundskeeper, cabana staff, B&B owner, or downstairs staff, do your job to the best of your ability, and enjoy serving others at the same time. Be proud of the work you do.  Chai!


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