Good-bye, Summer

Good-bye, Summer

September 21, 2021. Today marks the last day of Summer.  Can you believe it?  Time just whizzed by, even while being at home most days with our Covid world.

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer, the days went by slowly.  I was in a lot of pain and so unsure of what the future held for me.  It seemed like forever while waiting for the Stem Cell Transplant to happen.  It was a pain in the neck to drive into the city 2-3 times a week to get all the pre-testing done the month before the SCT, but time flew by quickly.  With the anticipation, came fear and hope, both at the same time.  That was just before the Covid shut downs in February of 2020 and although the SCT did not eradicate all the cancer, it took care of most of it.  Now I am doing weekly chemo (all day) and have been declared to be “in remission” or as well as I can be since there is no cure for MM.  So, now things have changed for me, both physically and mentally, and I feel I can make plans for the future.

For me and my family it was a long, fun Summer with a trip for the whole family to Hawaii in mid-June.  Golf trips for me and hubby at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and other amazing golf courses in the area, and then an immediate trip to Steamboat Springs to play at Haymaker Golf Club.   I only played one round, but was happy to join my husband on the trips.   Camping, paddle boarding at the reservoir, playing in the park, and lots of family BBQ’s made our Summer so fun.

And so now we have Fall starting tomorrow. says that usually September 22 or 23 is the first day of astronomical Fall (Autumn) in the Northern Hemisphere.  It says the September equinox is on or around September 22.  This year Daylights Savings Time where most states fall back in time, and we get an extra hour of sleep, will be November 7. 

I am usually sad to say good-bye to Summer, and I have never really liked Fall.  Why, you ask?

  • The weather gets colder
  • School is back in session
  • Daylight is shorter after November 7
  • School is back on
  • The flowers have all died
  • Kids are back in school, and
  • Vacation time is technically over.

Did I say I didn’t like that the kids are back in school?  Heehee!  As an aside, I never liked school and remember getting the Sunday night blues every week growing up!  When my kids were little, I worked very hard to be excited every Monday morning.  In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my late 40’s and started my own business that I stopped getting the Sunday night blues. 

So, let’s come up with some Fall things to look forward to so I can change my opinion and outlook on the Autumn season.  In fact, maybe I’ll check Pinterest and print off a Things to Do in Fall Checklists when I finish this post.

  • The air is crisp and will hopefully make a gradual decline in temperature
  • Apples are my favorite fruit and I can make some delicious apple pies
  • Or make apple empanadas
  • Or make apple crisps
  • Cinnamon is another favorite of mine, and it’s good for you, so I’ll sneak it in a lot of foods
  • Break out the chai tea!
  • Butternut squash soup is one of my absolute favorites!
  • Pumpkin pie is king!
  • Zucchini bread is awesome and I’ll be making some tomorrow
  • Smelling green chile roasting takes me back to my grandma’s house
  • Taking the family to Anderson Farms to the pumpkin patch, corn maze and campfire I already purchased our tickets.
  • Hallmark starts their Holiday shows beginning Oct. 22
  • I can change my front porch wreath and add a cute Fall/Halloween theme

I actually thought of all these things on my own and did NOT consult Pinterest for ideas.  So, I think I just need to get my head out of the gutter and start appreciating every day, no matter the season, and thank God that I’m alive and that my family and friends are alive and well!  Unfortunately, not everyone can say that these days.

Many of you who have children in school have, in a sense, already said good-bye to Summer, but for me and my house, we’ll be saying good-bye tonight with a nice cuppa Orange Blossom Oolong.   

Good-bye sweet Summer and Hello lovely Autumn!




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